Research Ethics Committee

There are three Research Ethics Committees charged with the responsibility of reviewing research proposals for research ethical compliance. Their mandate is not restricted to the University of Zambia researchers but also covers collaborative research with other institutions.

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee (HSSREC)
  2. Natural and Applied Sciences Research Ethics Committee (NASREC)
  3. Biomedical Research Ethics Committee (UNZABREC)

Requirements for Ethical Clearance

There following are the requirements 

  1. Application Forms
  1. Full Research Proposal
  2. Summary of Research Proposal
  3. Consent Form
  4. Statement Information Sheet
  5. Questionnaire or Interview Schedules / Focus Group discussion Guide
  6. Letter of permission from the institution that will anchor the study
  7. Approval from the appropriate research ethics committee / IRB
  8. Clearance Fees (Ranging from K250.00 to K 5000.00)