The University of Zambia promotes dissemination of research findings in many ways including:

Multidisciplinary Journals

The University of Zambia through the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies publishes three multidisciplinary Journals to facilitate publication of research findings especially for postgraduate students.

The Journals which are open to students, members of staff and the general public are:

  1. Journal of Law and Social Sciences (JLSS), catering for the Arts and Social Sciences group, Chief Editor, Dr Cheela Chilala  (Schools of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Law)
  2. Journal of Agricultural and Biomedical Sciences (JABS) catering for the life sciences group. Chief Editor, Dr Chisoni Mumba (Schools of Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences, Nursing, Medicine, Public Health, and Veterinary Medicine)
  3. Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (JONAS) catering for the physical sciences and engineering group. Cheif Editor, Prof. L. Siaminwe (Schools of Engineering, Mines, and Natural Sciences).

Dissemination Seminars

The University of Zambia through the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies holds Postgraduate Seminar (Oral and Poster) presentations twice a year at which postgraduate students present their research findings.

Internet Website / Media Briefing

Through DRGS, UNZA has a site tagged 'unza research' which leads to the main research site at which addresses issues at the institution. Further, UNZA holds a Media Briefing where researchers present theit findings and innovations to media houses, Government, Commissioners Accredited Zambia, Private and Civil Society organisations.

Research Symposia

Every year the University hold a number of School Research Symposia to show case research outputs of a particular School/Unit. The Directorate contributes to the School/Unit symposium's budget.