Once admitted, postgraduate students should note the following:

  1. Full-time students should secure permission from their workplace for the full study period.
  2. On registration, each student is to have the following documents:
    • Regulations for Postgraduate Studies
    • Handbook for Preparing to submit Thesis/Dissertation for Examination
  3. Withdrawal from studies due to any unforeseen circumstances can only be done after completion of the registration process and applying to Withdraw with Permission (WP). Failure to follow this process will result in loss of the student's place at the University.
  4. The regulations require the following
    • All postgraduate students are to give an oral or poster presentation at the postgraduate seminar
    • Master students to provide proof of at least one paper submitted, with approval from the supervisor, to any journal of choice
    • PhD students to have at least one paper published in any journal of choice
    • All postgraduate students to defend their thesis/dissertation during the Board of Examiners meeting open to the public
    • All postgraduate students to deposit a hard copy and soft copy of their dissertation/thesis to the directorate
  5. Consider publishing in these DRGS journals
    • Journal of Law and Social Sciences (ISSN 2226-6402)
    • Journal of Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences (ISSN 2226-6429)
    • Journal of Agricultural and Biomendical Sciences (ISSN 2226-6410)

The University has put in place these regulations in order to uphold high levels of standards commensurate with international standards in some of the world's best universities.