Research Affiliation is a scheme that enables local and foreign researchers to conduct their research in Zambia under the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies as Research Affiliates.


The Research Affiliate will benefit by:

  1. being allowed to undertake this/her research in Zambia
  2. having his/her research permit cleared at Zambian Immigration by DRGS; and
  3. having access to University library facilities whilst conducting research in Zambia

The scheme is in three categories:

Category I

The first category is for foreign students pursuing either Masters or PhD programmes where the students are required by their universities to conduct research in Zambia.

Category II

The second category is for visiting researchers who are carrying out research in collaboration with their coleages from the University of Zambia. Theses visiting researchers are usually housed by the schools or departments that they are visiting and are sometimes involved in lecturing at UNZA.

Category III

The third category is for Zambian researchers who are carrying out research but need to be affiliated with UNZA whilst carrying out their research.

Requirements for Affiliation