The vision of the Graduate Studies Department is to be a centre of excellence in postgraduate studies and greatly contribute to the dissemination of new knowledge in Zambia and globally. The Department is guided in operations by the Senate Board of Graduate Studies which is the highest decision making organ on postgraduate studies of the University. Its core function in postgraduate studies programmes therefore, is to superintend over all programmes starting from admission to graduation of candidates, approval of new programmes and providing policy direction to Schools and Units through the Board of Graduate Studies to which it is a secretariat.


  • Coordinating student applications, admissions and enrolment
  • Conducting and monitoring examination processes for courses, theses and
  • Marketing and monitoring the running of postgraduate programmes
    culminating into the awarding of:
    • Postgraduate Diploma
    • Master’s Degree
    • Doctor of Philosophy Degree
  • Coordinating the approval of new postgraduate programmes
  • Facilitating Postgraduate regulations revision
  • Training of supervisors of Postgraduate research
  • Monitoring progress and completion of programmes